Illustration of Brompton One Millionth bike in different cities Illustration of Brompton One Millionth bike in different cities

One Millionth Brompton Tour


Bromptons have been on millions of epic journeys across the world. Now, we're ready to take the millionth Brompton on the most epic journey of all: from coast to coast, Atlantic to Pacific... follow along as we ride through some of our favourite global cities.

We'll ride through each city, meet our community and host local events. Exploring the culture and love for cycling everywhere we go! We kicked off our One Millionth Brompton Tour on 2 March 2023. Check out where we've been so far, and where we're going next.

London: 15 March 2023

With a rapturous send off from our factory in Greenford, West London, the bike made the journey towards its next location. A crew of our community took the One Millionth bike on a ride through Brompton’s history in London, stopping at two special spots along the way, and making use of the infamous Brompton fold to board a boat from Battersea Power Station.

We celebrated hitting the big 1,000,000 with friends of Brompton at our Junction store in Covent Garden. Later in the evening we held an insightful and passionate panel to discuss how we can re-imagine cities and change the future of transport.

Milan: 23 - 24 March 2023

Next stop... Milan! The Millionth bike made its way through Italy, completing the second leg of the One Million tour! Arriving first in Milan for Emoving Days – an event that showcased the future of electric and urban mobility – the Millionth bike sat proudly, demonstrating Brompton’s heritage and future contributions to active travel in our cities:

The bike then spent some time at our Junction store in Milan.  Here, everyone could come and see it in all of its glory - before finally traveling down to Rome to visit our friends at Zio Bici - who are displaying the bike and hosting a group ride in celebration of our one-million-strong community!

Valencia: 21 April 2023

The One Millionth landed in Valencia, Spain on the 21st April and we celebrated with our wonderful Valencia Junction team at Ciclosferia! The event showcased the best of urban cycling and we were given the opportunity to present the One Millionth in all of its glory to the Spanish public. We also enjoyed a ride-out with our Valencia community. Meeting on Saturday morning for Bocadillos and coffee, we set off cycling along the wonderful bike lanes in the city - taking in the parks, sights and sounds, before finally arriving at Ciclosferia en-mass.
polaroid of team in valencia
We partnered with Valencian artist Mr Simon, who reimagined a Brompton C Line. This one-of-a-kind bike was raffled at Ciclosferia to one lucky winner. With bold colours and clean lines, this bike was designed to celebrate the individuality of each Brompton owner and is dedicated to the One Million strong community we have across the world!

Hamburg: 9 May 2023

Moin Moin Hamburg! Germany's northernmost city and port metropolis was the next stop for our millionth bike. Between ships, tankers, fish rolls and crowing seagulls, our millionth bike was already surrounded by air carried into the city by the many international container ships, tourists and the wind of the coast. We celebrated together with our community at Junction Hamburg and the team on site - and of course a community ride with over 50 participants!
Brompton team in Hamburg

Berlin 10-11 May 2023

What better occasion could there have been than to combine the birthday of our CEO Will Butler-Adams with the arrival of the millionth Brompton in Germany's capital?

Alexanderplatz, Brandenburg Gate, Tempodrom, Spree and Berlin Wall - the bike completed a tour through the entire city and was personally ridden through the city by our community. Will Butler-Adams presented to the Berliners in the best weather. In the evening, we toasted to our two main characters at Salon Babette in East Berlin!

Munich 15 May 2023

Last stop in Germany for the time being: Munich! The starting point for the Munich Community Ride was our Junction Store. There the bike could be admired, ridden and photographed all day.

The community ride then took us along the river Isar, the Eisbach surf wave, through the English Garden and along Königsplatz. A wonderful conclusion to our first three tour stops in Germany where of course the obligatory pretzel and wheat beer were not to be missed.

Netherlands 19-24 May 2023

A journey through the Netherlands! Farm to table feasting, community ride outs & more… Continuing its extraordinary journey around the globe, the Brompton One Millionth bike rolled into Brompton Junction in Amsterdam, captivating passers-by from its window display and drawing visitors from across the city and beyond!

The adventure continued as we joined forces with our partners; Kok Fietsen (one of our brilliant Gold Dealers), and the amazing Cycle for Climate charity, for an exhilarating 40 kilometre ride through the urban charm and stunning countryside of Utrecht with an 80 strong group of Brompton owners. Our ride ended in a delicious farm-to-table feast and hotly anticipated fastest fold competition - an unforgettable adventure!

Paris 19 May - 14 June 2023

Bienvenue en France! The One Millionth Brompton was showcased to the French public for the first time at the "Velo in Paris" consumer show the 27-29th May. The Brompton community came together for a memorable group ride around the beautiful city of Paris.

A group of Brompton owners posing happily after the One Millionth ride out in Paris, France A group of Brompton owners posing happily after the One Millionth ride out in Paris, France
Heading south to Provence, the adventures continued with the Ventoux community ride on the 3rd and 4th June. The bike was ridden up 1,909m to Mont Ventoux – one of the most challenging climbs in the Tour de France - showcasing Brompton’s capability to go beyond the city.
A collage of two images from the Brompton ride up to Mont Ventoux
Traveling back north to Paris, the One Millionth bike was proudly displayed at the centrally located Brompton Junction Paris store, near the Louvre Museum.
The One Millionth Brompton displayed in front of the One Millionth stickers outside Brompton Junction Paris
For one last celebration before the One Millionth Brompton embarked on its voyage to China, CEO Will Butler-Adams took part in an exciting community ride through the streets of Paris on the 14th of June. The event was a delightful celebration of the bike's success and brought everyone together for a joyful day of cycling in the summer sun. After the ride, participants joined at Junction for a gathering filled with drinks, bites, and a lively music set provided by PR Strange (@prstrange_).


The One Millionth Brompton has landed in Asia at its first stop - Beijing. Brompton joined forces with WallpaperSTORE* to create an immersive exhibition for the bike and the brand, incorporating the symbolic number "1,000,000" to establish a playful connection between Brompton and Beijing.

An image of the One Millionth Brompton at the immersive exhibition for the bike An image of the One Millionth Brompton at the immersive exhibition for the bike

Highlighting eight different sections with the brand history and complete product line, we celebrated the Asian debut of Archive Edition, displaying the three Archive colours. A corner of Brompton's London Factory was also recreated in the exhibition!

The 3 Archive Edition Brompton Bikes displayed in Beijing for the One Millionth tour

There was a myriad of inspirations for a cycling lifestyle. As owners rode their Brompton bikes to and from the exhibition, they became a vibrant part of the urban landscape. Visualising their perceptions and memories of people, life and biking through a variety of colours.

The community were invited to share their own ‘1 out of 1,000,000’ colour to Brompton. The Brompton community from Beijing united in celebration of this special and marvellous "riding" moment!

A group photo of the crew at the Beijing Brompton One Million event A group photo of the crew at the Beijing Brompton One Million event

Hong Kong: 11 July to 13 July 2023

Led by our enthusiastic Hong Kong Brompton community, the One Millionth Brompton whizzed through various iconic landmarks and made pitstops at our dealers in Hong Kong and Macau over three days. The bike’s first pit stop was MT Biker and Brompton Station. 

brompton team in a line with their bikes for hong kong one million  journey

The One Millionth Brompton then made its way to The Clock Tower, the only remnant of the original site of the former Kowloon station. We caught captivating views of the endless skyline at Star Ferry Pier, Tsim Sha Tsui, and stopped over at our retailers: MCBC, Bull Bike, and Flying Ball HK.  

Crossing over by ferry, the One Millionth Brompton then travelled to further landmarks and Victosports, our retailer in Macau.  

We were greatly heartened to see the community of passionate Brompton owners and to leave our distinct Brompton footprint on Hong Kong’s vibrant mosaic of cultural tapestry. 

brompton team in hong kong for one millionth journey

Singapore: 19 - 23 July 2023

Singapore saw the largest community ride in the One Millionth Brompton Bike world tour – with a spectacular turn-out of more than 400 Brompton owners, to celebrate the arrival of the One Millionth Brompton Bike!  

Displaying the One Millionth Brompton, along with MK1 and four Archive Edition bikes in Funan Mall’s Atrium Space for five days, we ended our last day with the ultimate highlight – the community ride-out.  

brompton team in front of singapore skyline

We took a spin along Singapore’s bay area, from Marina Bay Sands to our Brompton Junction at Funan. It was a sight to behold with each Brompton owner riding their unique Brompton – and we loved watching our strong and passionate community come together, decked out in different colours.  

Our Archive Edition bikes showcased in Funan came in historical colours Baby Pink, Arctic Blue and Apple Green. But the cherry on top for all Brompton enthusiasts was certainly the launch of the APAC-exclusive series: the two-tone Apple Green with Arctic Blue bike.   

singapore team posing for photo for brompton one millionth journey

The Brompton team also seized the opportunity to thank the Brompton community’s unwavering support, before revisiting and reaffirming our company's purpose to create urban freedom for happier lives. We marked this historic event, by pasting the exclusive Singapore city sticker onto the One Millionth Brompton. 

Together with local celebrities and industry heavyweights, our Brompton One Millionth Singapore event banded the #AllTogetherDifferent Brompton community. 

singapore team at brompton one million


29 July - 5 August 2023

In Japan, many Brompton communities have sprung up since the first Junction opened in Kobe in 2011. To commemorate the visit of One Millionth Brompton to Japan, we invited Brompton users to a ride-out event with OMB at Senso-ji in Asakusa, the oldest temple in Tokyo.
The One Millionth Brompton in front of the Senso-ji in Asakusa
The Japanese Brompton community posing in front of the British Embassy in Tokyo, Japan The Japanese Brompton community posing in front of the British Embassy in Tokyo, Japan
30 lucky winners who won the lottery we hosted on Instagram were invited for ride-out with OMB. Full of excitement for the event, we started at 7am and rode all the way to Shiba Park. After the ride, we gathered inside with Peter Yuskauskas - our Global Community Manager to talk about the Brompton community in Japan.


Annyeonghasaeyo! The One Millionth Brompton arrived in Seoul, South Korea for its next stop in late August and it was celebrated with the wonderful Wecle store team in Yeouido, the ‘Wall Street’ of Korea. The event showcased unique Korean history and how, together with Brompton, our lives are happier and different from the usual mundane urban life.

The One Millionth Brompton in Seoul, South Korea

Over 150 Brompton riders from our community came together to celebrate how we are “All Together Different”, and enjoyed a ride from the iconic Seoul landmark of Gwanghwamun Square to Wecle Yeouido, one of the best places for Brompton riders in South Korea.

The One Millionth Brompton community posing in Seoul, South Korea after their event

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