From turning pottery to riding out to the best biking spots and bodegas in LA, spinning wheels are key features throughout Daniel Dooreck’s day. 

“I’ve just moved to a larger studio, and I’ve really enjoyed using the Brompton Bear Grylls bike to explore my new neighbourhood,” the 29-year-old LA-based ceramicist tells us.

“It’s actually a great area for biking, so I’ve quickly found my new favourite bodegas and parks.”

Ceramicist Danny Dooreck in his studio in Los Angeles

Daniel has only recently outgrown the single-car-garage where he launched his pottery business, Danny D’s Mudshop. Demand for his hand-thrown and hand-painted pieces, inspired by tattoo flash sheets and vintage American West artworks, is huge: he’s gone global in a short space of time, with everyone from London’s famous Goodhood and Earl Of East lifestyle stores to Taiwan’s super cool Zombie Shop all wanting his wares on their shelves. 

Danny Dooreck's studio in Los Angeles

His Brompton is not only helping him to check out his new work environment and manage his busier workload; it’s enabling him to make the most of his well-earned weekend adventures, too.

“The BG is very capable, manoeuvrable, and functional,” he says. “It’s a great fit for getting around town; I’ve been using the front bag to transport small ceramics and stock up on supplies. But it also really works for my travel style, too. I go on camping trips a lot and its foldability makes it easy to store away in my truck or tent, where every inch counts.”

Danny Dooreck's weekend adventure supplies with the Brompton x Bear Grylls bike

Ultimately, as a man whose day revolves around spinning circles, who better to pass judgement on one of Brompton’s most defining features?

“The speed that the Brompton BG can generate on its small wheels really surprises me,” says Daniel. “My friends really love it. Especially my studio assistant. He’s a big biker, and admires the style and function.”

Ceramicist Danny Dooreck on his Brompton x Bear Grylls folding bike in LA

Happen to be in LA soon? Take Daniel’s advice and ride your Brompton out to his favourite California views, all within a short pedal from his new bigger HQ:


1.     The LA River Bike Path

“I head here frequently for a ride or a quick workout. It’s brilliant at any time of the day: if I’m down in the morning, then I can stop at any of the coffee shops along the way, or if I’m there after work, I get the nice sunset views. Last month, I made a piece based on a photo I took of a guy painting on the path.”


2.    Griffith Observatory

“When I’m feeling fit, I like to ride up the hill to the famous observatory. It overlooks LA and Los Feliz and is another place to enjoy a really cool Californian sunset. It’s a tough twenty-minute ride uphill, but I think the Brompton BG can handle it. I’ll try it out one day soon.”


3.    Elysian Park

“This park is one of the biggest in LA, and a quick ride from my house. It’s a great place to get my morning workout and has some small trails that the Brompton BG would have no trouble handling. It’s a perfect spot for people watching and hanging out with the dogs that run around. It’s also a perfect spot to hang out with friends on the weekend.”


4.    Long Beach

“I get down here often and transport the bike in my truck. All my Toyota-loving friends live in the area, so when I need to do some maintenance, I do it with them on my days off. At the same time, I can cruise along the Pacific Coast Highway on the Brompton and feel the wind in my hair.”


5.    Lanza Bros Deli

“Lanza Bros Deli is one of the oldest delis in LA and right next to my studio in Lincoln Heights. You need to go see their 3ft sandwiches. They’re crazy. I bike there at least once a day for my afternoon coffee - they serve Folgers, which is my favourite.”

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