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What do you use your Brompton for? Where have you used it?

I often use it for zipping across London - I’ve found it’s 100% the fastest way to get around a congested city, as well as (getting) some exercise and fresh air with it. I also love to use the bike when I’m on the road travelling overseas. It opens up so many cool places that you simply wouldn’t see if you just fly in and jump in a cab to wherever you’re going.

I find the super lightweight design is so easy to fold down and bring on a flight. As a team we can be found cycling to a steak house after filming, peddling to the beach for a swim or through woodland for a picnic. It just opens up so many fun opportunities beyond the reason we are visiting the place. I like that.


In what ways would you say a bicycle helps with an adventure?

Firstly, it’s surprising how speedy the Brompton is, which means for those ambitious to cover more ground it can take you to some pretty remote locations than often a car can’t access. That is the beauty of it, getting off the beaten track and making new discoveries - adding a little adventure to the everyday. Load the side bags up with some simple supplies for a day trip and off you go…


What are your top tips for going on a last minute adventure?

Exploring local areas is so much simpler nowadays with Google maps and a phone. Most places are never far from some great little places whether a river, hiking trail, waterfall, cave or ravine.

Even when I visit big cities in remote countries, I love how easy it can be to find adventure within a short few minutes on a train and then 30mins on my Brompton. That’s the magic… adventure is a state of mind and it starts with looking for the extraordinary amongst the ordinary.



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